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Programs & Services

Reoccurring Programs

Parking Lot Poetry Series

With Parking Lot Poets we offer a space in which our stories express our struggles, our inner conflicts, our talents, our victories and our courage to grow. A courageous journey of learning, listening, sharing and building. With our words and voice we speak to the earth, we speak to ancestors, to each other. With our experiences we speak truth to power.

Write the Power Creative Writing Sessions

Creative writing to nurture our literary community in finding their voice and engaging in the pursuit of social justice.

Art and Cultural Workshops

Providing platforms for the under-represented artists and community members the tools for self-development, healing, and empowerment through art.

Examples of Workshops

  • LGBTQI Open Art labs
  • Children’s art workshops where kids learn how to use art to express feelings
  • Art Painting parties with a cultural focus to provide development opportunities to artists to find their voice and facilitating style and for participants to build cultural competence
  • Dia de los Muertos art and cultural workshops



A talented lyricist that has been compared to music greats Zack de la Rocha and Talib Kweli. He’s received accolades from Legendary Hip Hop radio show hosts Carmelita (The Wake Up Show) Sway (MTV) and Tech (The Wake Up Show), LA Weekly, La Opinion, Divine Forces Radio and many more. He has toured and performed with iconic bands like Ozomatli, KRS One, Dilated Peoples, Julieta Venegas, the late Joe Strummer, and Saul Williams, and has collaborated with Black Eyed Peas member Taboo, and Mexico legends La Maldita Vecindad. He has toured the Mexico, London, Spain, Canada and almost all corners of the U.S.

Taina Asili

Sonando Sur Collective

Derived from the shared interest in continuing the work of traditional jarocho music through a contemporary perspective. Formed by Claudio Vega, Octavio Vega & Esther Cruz, the collective interlinks son jarocho and its cultural context with other traditional Latin American rhythms. Son Jarocho, a musical genre from Veracruz, Mexico, is a melodic combination of Spanish, African and indigenous cultures. A beautiful integration of la jarana, requinto, tarima and versada, Sonando Sur invites you to enjoy the magical sound of Veracruz fandango.

Events & Projects: Culturally and Environmentally focused

Examples of past events:

Dia De los 43:

Dia De Los Muertos Largest Recycled Political Art installation in the North Bay curated by Artist Martin Zuniga, memorialized, celebrated, and continues the work of Ayotzinapa 43, who had a critical component of social transformation in their own education and in the education of their students. September 26, 2016 marked the second anniversary of the police attack, kidnapping, and subsequent disappearance of 43 teachers from Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, Mexico.

SRJC Indigenous People’s Day 2016

Silkscreen workshop

Quelaquetza, Tierra del Sol 2015

Community Mural Art project

Wine & Chis(me):

For the professionals who work, live, and love in Santa Rosa. An inspirational space in which to enjoy each other's company and to continue a critical and positive dialogue to talk about what we can celebrate and what we can challenge through activism and art, creative thinking, and community-building.

Youth Environmental Artivist Summit

Our mission is to empower youth to become the next environmental leaders and productive members of their communities. Our 4 day – 3 night community-based Camping Summit provides a fun, safe and challenging experience for incoming high school juniors to develop their leadership skills, explore outdoor recreation, learn about challenging environmental issues, and become empowered to catalyze change in their community creatively.


Provides local organizations advice on how to build capacity for cultural, arts, and environmental programming to engage targeted audiences.

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