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About Raizes Collective


Serving the Bilingual and Bicultural Communities of Sonoma County

Raizes Collective, based in Santa Rosa, was established June 2015 to empower and mobilize community through the arts, culture and environmental education.

Our collective came together to offer artists and teachers of color the resources of space, programming, events, shows and activities to affect social and political change through art and community building. We believe this facilitates healing of the divisions within our diverse communities.

Raizes is guided by the following principles:

To ensure we achieve our mission, we have 4 primary objectives:

  1. To provide opportunities for emerging artists of color to gain visibility for their work through exhibits, performances, readings, and other cultural expression.
  1. To provide real-world teaching and learning opportunities for artists of color and members of the community through workshops and classes.
  1. To provide opportunities for young people of color in Santa Rosa to see themselves reflected in arts, cultural and political activities.
  1. To develop and provide a gathering place as a home for these activities, and a center for developing and sharing new cultural, political and community ideas, understanding and awareness to create opportunities for self-healing for all members of the collective.

Raizes Collective

Founder & Executive Director – Isabel Lopez

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